3 Types of Scissor Lifts and Their Industry and Business Application

3 Types of Scissor Lifts and Their Industry and Business Application

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A scissor lift is a versatile machine, and it can be used to perform different tasks. It is a vital piece of equipment in a construction site and other industrial or production space, and it aid workers to accomplish the specific task at a high elevation. There are different types of scissor lift, but for this post, we would be limited to discuss just three. The machine varies in size, fuel type and application processes are unique. Here are the three types of scissor lift that you probably have seen or heard about;

Electric Scissor Lift

This is another popular lifting machine, and it is an extreme alternative to using fuel. An electric scissor lift provides a cleaner solution for any indoor space that has insufficient ventilation, and it is specifically designed for enclosed spaces. The machine has zero levels of noise and no emission. The electric scissor lift is made up of reliable and high-quality components with this, a long working lifespan is assured. The electric machine is setting a new standard within the aerial industry.

Pneumatic Scissor Lift

A pneumatic scissor lift is powered by air pressure and designed for no-energy use and light projects. The air pressure from the atmosphere is the lifting mechanism; however, it does not provide as much power as the diesel or electric scissor lift. The machine can be used in almost any environment without experiencing any glitch. This scissor lift does not emit hazardous fumes, making it a more sustainable option attracting companies who seek to minimize their carbon footprint.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift 

This scissor lift is powered by engine-driven hydraulic systems. The machine is relatively easy to operate compared to other traditional lifting equipment. A hydraulic scissor lift is most suitable for projects where high priorities aren’t placed on horsepower or speed. To operate a hydraulic scissor lift, users don’t need to undergo much training because, with prior technical and mechanical knowledge, the machine can be operated.

Industry & Business Application of Scissor Lift


Scissor lifts are one of the favorite machinery building contractor and organizations can’t do without it. It is a piece of essential equipment for building maintenance task whether exterior or interior maintenance, including minor and major repairs. It does what a ladder can’t do perfectly.


If you intend to save your time and a few bucks as a construction engineer, then a scissor lift is a machine you shouldn’t joke with. It is a great equipment used for scaffolding and installation of building materials and other crucial construction tasks.

Warehousing & Storage

Sometimes a forklift or ladder can’t satisfy your lifting need within the warehousing space. For instance, if your warehouse has a shelve and storage compartment that are ten or more metres raised above the floor level, then you need a scissor lift. Perhaps, workers will be able to access goods easily on any high shelves regardless of the metre.

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