Incontinence pant: a brief description

An incontinence pant is reusable underwear designed to be able to absorb urine & feces. Because this product is designed to look more like an undergarment it serves as a viable alternative to conventional disposable incontinence pads and similar products which are usually quite bulky and pose a problem to the environment since they are mostly made from plastics.

Incontinence pants are fast becoming one of the most popular options for leakage protection. They are now quite common and feature more advanced design to help men and women experiencing a complete or partial loss of control over urine or feces to absorb and lock away the urine and feces while keeping the wearer dry

Most modern incontinence pants feature an advanced design with an increasing focus on a being discreet. Since there are various manufacturers and types you can expect variations. However, the basic features of incontinence pants remain the same.

Usually, there is a surface material made fro fiber material. This layer absorbs liquid. The Acquisition layer is next and this is made of porous materials made from polyester or wood fiber. This layer allows the movement of liquid to the center of the pad. Incontinence pants typically have an absorbent core which as the name implies absorbs and locks the fluid away.

All of these layers are held together with an adhesive strip that has various synthetic and polymer resins. Most incontinence pants will also have a backsheet material made from polyethylene that provides extra protection and prevents liquid leakage. Also, a lot of incontinence pants (although not all) feature odor technology in the form of a light fragrance or perfume. This helps to prevent the formation of bad odors and to keep the skin healthy. Instead of this in-built design, some incontinence pants have disposable pads that can be inserted into them. To learn more about incontinent pants, read more at

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