Event Planning Problems & Possible Solution

Event Planning Problems & Possible Solution

Event planning is a full-fledged business where it requires that the planner pay close attention to detail and ensure his/her organizing skill is top-notch. The knowledge and expertise to plan, design, and execute plans and use an event planner app effectively is a top priority. On the other hand, no event can be planned and executed perfectly without a little glitch. At some point, challenges may arise from team members or even external event contractors. However, what matters is how you overcome the challenge you face.

No doubt, planning an event requires a lot of work, and in this post, we would reveal a few significant problems that event planners in the UK face frequently and recommend possible solutions. If you are reading this, prepare to get headways on solutions to your event planning problem and become an event Rockstar.

Problem: Not Having Sufficient Funds

Planning an event in the UK with a black wallet (insufficient funding) is not something new under the sun. Based on research, it is inevitable that every event planner has faced this challenge at some point or the other. In some cases, planners get to spend more than the planned budget and bear the cost on behalf of the event host.

Possible Solution: Decide to Spend Based on Priority

Most event planner incorporates the pay as you go spending concept while planning for an event. However, this may not be the real solution to the insufficient funding challenge. Research supplies cost, then create a spreadsheet of the entire cost, then sit with the host to agree and finalize the budget. This is a possible solution, highly recommending.

Problem: Selecting Event Venue

If you’re an event planner reading this, we know you already concur with this being part of the challenge you face. It isn’t challenging to look for an event venue, but what makes it problematic is selecting the venue that is perfect and will suit the event. Factors like decoration, transportation, and sitting capacity should be highly considered.

Possible Solution: Proximity & Availability of Facilities

An event should hold in a central location where attendees won’t find it hard to locate the event venue. If proximity issue is addressed, then it will add a lot of value to the event. Therefore, attendees can’t get to the venue earlier. Also, choose an event venue with a projector, microphone, speaker, and other tech products.

Problem: Lack of Accurate Experience

Most college and university graduates venture into event planning and management right after school. We are disputing that anyone can start a company, but then you must pass through some form of process and understand how the business system works. People who lack experience in the event management niche end up messing things up.

Possible Solution: Research & Undergo Training

Not just research and training but intensive research and training can be the answer to your lack of experience challenge. This can be very helpful, and you would possibly network with other event managers who you can look up to or share ideas that will foster growth. Therefore, spend your time researching and consistently train yourself.

Problem: Hosting More Guest than Expected

The actual event hasn’t started, but the chairs in the venue are already half full. This is a rare scenario that probably happens to some clients, and the planner has no prior information about the expected guest.

Possible Solution: Request a Guest List from Your Client

When the event hall is filled, would you prefer that your client’s guest stand? No! so, the possible solution is to request the guest-list for each event from your client so that you can easily plan the event to suit the estimated guest.

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